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    With everyone talking about one of these recently I decided that I should probably pick one up and see what they are all about.

The Fireman model comes in both one handed and regular models

    It arrived yesterday and initially I have to say that I am less than impressed with it. It still has all the great features of a Victorinox- strong backsprings, solid lock, exceptional quality and so on- so this is more just a concern about the configuration of this knife.

The OHF is a worthy addition to any collection, but not my first choice for an EDC.

    I am carrying it today, and might change my mind about it following some actual use, but my initial impression is that it's a little on the big side.  Of course it's important to mention that the 111mm models that i usually carry are all three layers or less and so it might just be a matter of getting used to it, but I find that the addition of the fourth layer and the added bulk of the corkscrew are  very noticeable in this model.

You can see that the OHF is significantly thicker than the OHT, which makes it a little harder to get a solid grip on when opening it one handed.

    Here's the odd part- I doubt i would get rid of any tools on this model as I feel they would all be handy to the average fire fighter, and also out in the woods as a camping/hunting knife.  The seatbelt cutting blade seems like it would mak a fine gutting blade as well, but since I haven't hunted or gut anything in years, that's just a guess.

    The corkscrew is a little bit of a quandry- I find it hard to see how a corkscrew would help a fireman in the course of his duties, but then it makes about as much sense as a phillips- i can't imagine any self respecting Emergency Responder taking valuable time to undo screws when every moment counts, and they also carry a large axe.  Same with untying knots, as many of us use the corkscrew for.

    The woodsaw, while being also a little more time consuming than other alternatives in an emergency situation, at least could potentially serve a purpose, although I personally would have preferred a metal saw for car accident type issues, especially if you happen to arrive before the jaws of life do.  Mind you, as an edc knife, the woodsaw is probably preferable so that's probably why it was included.

    The can and bottle openers are, of course indispensable and standard so there's reaally no point in discussing them, as is the reamer, toothpick and tweezer.

The partially serrated blade is a great point for debate on the OHT but is redundant on the OHF because of the second, fully serrated blade

    Most importantly, we come to the blade.  I like it.  It is the same blade as on the OHT and everyone has different ideas as to whether the serraions are good or not.  I won't get into that debate here, but I will say that since there is already a serrated blade on this, it seems redundant to me.  But, as usual, I will probably just use it till the serrations wear away on their own then perform the removal proceedure.

The serrated seatbelt cutter seems like a great skinning knife in addition to cutting seatbelts.

    Overall, the OH Fireman is a nice knife, but personally I find it a little big for my comfort, although that might be mostly because I am used to the smaller OHT.  I will cerainly be happy to let everyone know if I change my tune after using it for a while.