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 Since another year has passed I thought I would celebrate it by recounting a few of my favorite articles of our fifth year. Some of them were mine, some are from others, but each one sticks out in my mind as having had something specifically interesting about them. So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorites:


Chilean Miner Excursion: This one made huge headlines all over the world when it happened, and was an amazing story where 33 miners were trapped 700 feet underground for 70 days and all emerged safe and sound. There was some drama (one miner’s wife and mistress met while calling his name down an airhole!) and many of us watched the final extraction live on pretty well every channel. Chilean member GaryB visited the site afterwards, accompanied by his Mike Horn Ranger and shared the story with us.

Wenger Titanium Knives: Perhaps the most exciting thing at SHOT this year was Wenger’s new titanium scaled knives- there are three of them, but the crown jewel is the Ueli Steck knife. Whether you like or hate the non traditional design you have to admit that this series of knives has probably gotten more attention than any other new SAK since the Victorinox Rescue Tool.


Scale Swap: This was a bit of a surprise to me. I’d felt that this one was pretty common knowledge and I felt almost silly posting a video for something that was (in my mind at least) so straight forward. However, after this video was posted, apparently sales of Vic scales went through the roof as folks realized just how easy it was to replace them! I was astounded by the response, but as usual, glad that it helped some people. On top of that, it also launched a response article from PTISuisse, showing all the things I’d done wrong!


Dtrain On Being Prepared: Who do you call when you are on a dark highway alone with the nearest service station many miles away? If you are Dtrain, you don’t call anyone because you are properly prepared for most eventualities! See what gets him through the night in this article on what he keeps in his EDC bag!


Elizabeth Taylor RIP: The last one I am going to mention was also big news- this past year saw actress Elizabeth Taylor passing away, and I showed why this should be interesting to SAK collectors by posting pictures and information regarding one of the rarest SAK series I’ve ever seen- the Urban Chameleon series, one of which features “diamonds” on black velvet and is named for Liz.


 Of course there are lots more interesting articles form the last year- looks at the past Knife Of The Year knives, Rick has gone above and beyond with some detailed info on some specialty military knives, Gary has compiled new SAKs on TV articles, more ALOX than one could possibly have if they had an ALOX tree outside their house, and the list goes on! In fact, the only thing I think that’s better than last year is the year we have coming! Stick around and see what we’ve got in store for our sixth year!